Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just How Many Tiaras Does a Tiara Designer Wear? A Mini Contest

Today is my 9th anniversary!  I started this company 10 years ago when I was planning my own wedding.  I'd found the perfect gown--a gorgeous sample Vera Wang gown with a lilac sash that fit me absolutely perfectly.  It was a dream!  And a bargain!   But I balked at paying $535 for a tiara to go with the gown I'd just bought at a huge discount.  I've always had a strong DIY streak, and the tiara designing began.

Tradewind Tiaras was a full-fledged business well before our wedding date rolled around, and in the days before the wedding, I just couldn't decide which design I wanted to wear.  I'd made too many designs I liked!

So I took them all to the salon the morning of my wedding.  Made the decision only when I was absolutely forced to.

My pile of tiaras at the salon.

How many tiaras did I have with me?  Make a guess on our facebook page and the first person to get it right will get a pair of genuine pearl and Swarovski crystal earrings absolutely perfect for holiday parties!

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