Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous Product: Sparkling Disco Dust. Marvelous Edible Glitter

Looking for the post about disco dust for cake decorating?  It's moved, along with the rest of the blog, to its new home at

Disco dust (aka pixie dust)--edible glitter for cake decorating.


  1. Nicole, I really enjoy your blog and seeing all your great ideas. Can you tell me the difference in the dusts? There's Luster Dust, Petal Dust, Pixie (Disco) Dust, and Wilton Pearl Dust (and others I'm sure). Are they all edible? Why might you choose one over the other and which is the best all purpose dust? Also, I noticed your link to ABC Cake Decorating isn't working right.

  2. Thanks, Sheila! I fixed the link (had the wrong URL in my clipboard, obviously!).

    They're all edible, but they do different things.

    Wilton dusts = worthless, in my book. Don't waste your money.
    Pixie (disco) dust = edible glitter. Gorgeous, sparkly, addictive. NOT the same as Wilton's edible glitter. Much, much better.
    Luster Dust = great for adding shimmer and subtle shading. I use it all the time in cake decorating to add a realistic depth of color plus some shine. It's not sparkly, it's more opalescent.
    Petal Dust = same as luster dust, but without the luster. It's just flat color. Great for making your own sprinkle colors, and again, subtle and realistic shading effects.