Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Non Traditional Cakes: The Crepe Cake

When I saw this cake from the Charleston Crepe Company, I was completely smitten.

Tiered crepe cake from the Charleston Crepe Company.
I'd never had a crepe cake until, at The Roaring Fork a few years ago, I tasted an amazing cornmeal crepe cake with caramel filling and fresh bananas.  It was astoundingly good, and I've thought about that dessert many times over the years.   But I never even considered it as a wedding cake option until I saw the Charleston Crepe Company's website.  Brilliant!

It's so lacy, so airy, so pretty, so delicious looking.  And the flavor possibilities are endless!

How about this option, from Martha Stewart Living?

A chocolate hazelnut dream!  Even if you want a more traditional wedding cake, this would make a spectacular groom's cake.

For all that I love making and decorating cakes, I don't like eating them all that much.  But these crepe cakes... these I would enjoy eating!  My birthday?  My upcoming 10th anniversary?  You can bet these will make an appearance on my table soon!

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