Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Product: Birdcage Veils!

I'm delighted to announce that we'll soon be offering birdcage veils on our website.  I love this classic look.  It has a vintage vibe, of course, but styled with today's gowns and accessories, looks perfectly modern and bold.

We'll be offering:

Birdcage/Visor veil, 9" long, bandeau style (attached with two small combs at either side of the head).

Birdcage veil, 9" long, gathered style (gathered on one single comb).

Birdcage Veil, 18" long, gathered style.

Bridal illusion and silk tulle birdcage veils will also be available.  Photos of those items coming soon.

Until my programmer/husband gets these items on the main Tradewind Tiaras website, feel free to email us at info[at]tradewindtiaras.com for information about pricing and styles.

Many thanks to my photography assistants, aged two and seven, who helped me set up the lighting.  This business is a family affair.  ;-)

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