Friday, January 21, 2011

Bargain Find: Elegant Miniature Frames

As I was out shopping, plotting, and planning an event I'm working on, I came across these darling miniature frames.

They have a whimsical, Baroque style to them (at least I think "Baroque" is the word I'm looking for; I reserve the right to correct this post when I get a hold of my art-historian friend who actually knows this stuff).  They're ideal for labels on dessert tables, seating assignments, and wedding favors.  And at only $1 each at Michael's, they're a great bargain.

The fall color palette not right for your event?  A can of spray paint would take care of that in mere minutes.  I can't wait to use mine!


  1. Baroque would be the correct term. It's too bad I never could get you signed up for art history. I think we could have converted you. Must head to Michael's immediately!

  2. Can you tell me what Michaels (in what city and state) you found these frames. I've been looking for them for about 6 months. Preferably the black ones. My Michaels doesn't carry them anymore and I'm trying to find them for a friends wedding. Maybe if they still have them I could try to order them over the phone or something. I would truly appreciate it. Thank you!

  3. I haven't seen them for a while either, unfortunately! I found these ones at the Michaels in Gilbert, Arizona.