Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Sweet Way to Ask a Friend to be a Bridesmaid

So you're engaged, and there are a thousand and one things to coordinate and plan.  One of the first things you should decide is who you'll ask to be in your bridal party.  Sure, you could just call up your best friends, or ask them the next time you're together.  But I just love this idea from Andrea of  Ali's Sweet Treats:

They're based in Miami, but are happy to do business by mail order.  Wouldn't you just love to get these delicious custom cookies as a (literally and figuratively) sweet way to be invited to be a bridesmaid?

As a related side note, I desperately want to throw a spy-themed party and give out the invitations as cookies--"This message will self destruct...as soon as you eat it."  I just love the idea of cookie invitations!

They also make cookies for wedding and party favors, so be sure to check out their amazing gallery.  Cookies like this castle make me, now firmly in my 30s, want to have a princess party!

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