Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Creative Process: Having Your Tiara Restrung

Seven years ago, I had the pleasure of designing a custom tiara for Maria's wedding.  She kept it as a keepsake for years, and then a couple months ago, decided that she wanted it restrung into a new piece of jewelry she could wear for special occasions.  First, she tried to do it herself.  And then quickly decided that it was worth it to send it back to us at Tradewind Tiaras to have us create a new necklace out of her treasured tiara.  ;-)

Where to start on such a project?  First, I took stock of the materials.  Then, I talked to Maria about her wishes.

A little edgy.  Modern.  Asymmetrical.  These kinds of words popped up as dominant themes in our discussion.  It sparked an idea.  I did a quick (super quick) mock-up with some materials I had on hand first, so I could give Maria a visual sense of what I was describing.

Once the basic idea was approved, I started creating the vision I had in my mind!

And I even had enough leftover materials to make a bonus bracelet.

Does it look a little familiar?  I liked the concept so much, it evolved into our newest design.

I love getting to connect with past customers and create something new out of a cherished heirloom!  May you have many more years of enjoyment out of your new necklace and bracelet, Maria!

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