Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Silk Tulle Veil--True Elegance!

Did you watch the Royal wedding last night?  Are you completely in love with Kate Middleton's veil?  She looked stunning, classic, elegant--in a word, regal.

Clearly, this woman is going to be a fashion icon.

Do you want Kate's veil for your own wedding?  Silk tulle veils can be incredibly hard to find, but we at Tradewind Tiaras are one of the very few makers of silk tulle veils in the world!  There's absolutely nothing like the flow and drape of silk tulle.  No wonder it's been the choice of royalty for centuries, and continues to be now, even when most veils are made out of bridal illusion.

If you want a veil just like Kate Middleton's, you need to order a silk tulle cage veil with lace edging, 72" diameter (fingertip length) size.

Edit:  Here's a link to our most recent post with pictures of our Kate Middleton silk tulle replica veil.


  1. and I can tell you that it looked every bit as amazing and regal in person! You are right, she will definitely be a style icon and word is that she loves finding a bargain just as much as wearing couture!

  2. My daughter is getting married in March. Please send me photos of the veil as well as cost.