Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Veil Edging: Embellished Pencil Edge

Silk tulle veils are absolutely gorgeous.  The fabric flows and drapes like nothing else in the world.  But that incredible softness and flow does behave very differently than standard bridal illusion veils, and sometimes edgings that work brilliantly on one fabric just aren't great on the other.

As a designer, you have to work with the fabric.  Understand its strengths and its limitations.  And figure out ways around the issues.

One such example is our pearl and crystal veil edging.

Now, I love the pearl and crystal edging.  I love it so much that I wore it for my own wedding (that's me!).  But as fabulous as it is with a bridal illusion veil, it just doesn't work all that well with silk tulle.  The pearls and crystals are just a little too heavy for the oh-so-soft and delicate fabric.  

So I started brainstorming ways to develop a new edging that would have a similar effect, but would work with the silk tulle.  The result is our embellished pencil edge.

The pencil edging gives a bit of extra structure to the delicate silk tulle fabric.  Just enough to be able to sew on an embellishment.  Shown here with all Swarovski crystals, it also looks spectacular with the same pattern of pearls and crystals on our pearl and crystal edging.

We can do this with any pencil edging, but I especially like the silver pencil edging.  The silver defines the edge lightly, but because it reflects the light more than a white or ivory edging would, the effect is actually much more subtle.  And that lets the pearl and crystal embellishments really shine.

So you want a silk tulle veil?  You want some sparkle and dazzle, too?  This is a fabulous option that takes advantage of all that silk tulle has to offer.

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  1. his is a fabulous option that takes advantage of all that silk tulle has to offer.