Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elevation: The Key to a Gorgeous Table

When creating a display table--whether it's a dessert table, a buffet, or a merchandise display--the fastest way to make it look interesting and professional is to create different levels of elevation.

The classic catering trick is, of course, to put boxes under some pretty fabric.

Photo by Upper Crust Catering.  Look how much more lavish and interesting that looks than if all the platters were on a flat table?  It's also an easy way to incorporate beautiful fabrics in smaller quantities than it would take to make an entire tablecloth. 

But my very favorite way to create elevation is with cake stands.  They're available in an astounding array of designs, from elegant to whimsical to rustic.  You can even make your own, like I did for the Cornish Fairy party I designed:

 But they're also readily available from current retailers, antique shops, and artisans, so if you're not crafty, don't despair!

For versatility, you can't beat a set of white enamel cake stands like these, only $57 for the set on Amazon!  (Want!  Are you listening, Santa?)

Or for a gorgeous eclectic look, you can't beat these designs from Crafty Clementine on Etsy and Wedzu:

Can't you just imagine a gorgeous display full of complimentary vintage pieces? 

Adding elevation quickly takes the table design to an entirely new level, if you'll excuse the pun.  Such a simple trick, but one that creates such dramatic results!  That's the kind of tip I like best.

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  1. Oh how I love cake stands... I make my own stands (see my tutorial on Eat Drink Pretty) and have a TON of them... the hard part is finding storage for that many cake stands!