Friday, May 27, 2011

Kate Middleton Silk Tulle Veil Replica

Kate Middleton's silk tulle veil was absolutely exquisite, and introduced millions to the concept of silk tulle veils.  Most salons don't carry silk tulle at all, because it's a very expensive material (can't have an 8000% markup on silk tulle!) and notoriously hard to work with.  But it's gorgeous--nothing moves and drapes like silk tulle--and we at Tradewind Tiaras think it's worth the effort.  We're one of very few designers in the world who work with silk tulle, and we've been making silk tulle veils for years.

Kate Middleton's Silk Tulle Veil

I just finished up a model shoot showing off our Kate Middleton replica veil, and had to show it off today!

We use only the finest European silk tulle (the domestic silk tulle suppliers' quality didn't come close), and the Kate Middleton Replica veil is edged in Alencon re-embroidered lace.  We don't have the Royal Academy of Embroiderers at our disposal, but gorgeous, high-end Alencon lace comes very, very close!

Just look how gorgeously the silk tulle drapes and flows!

Alencon Lace embroidered trim on a silk tulle cage veil.
Do you want to buy your very own Kate Middleton replica silk tulle veil?  We'd be delighted to make one for you!  It's not on our main website yet (have to wait for my husband/web designer to get home from the JASIG conference), but send us an email and we can step you through exactly what to order to get this look.  


  1. How does this veil attach on top? It's beautiful! :)

  2. With simple hairpins! Send me your email address and I'll email you a picture illustrating what I mean.

  3. Hi Nicole!

    I would love to see how it is attached as well! Could you shoot me an email to vanessa.quake (at)


  4. So beautiful! I know you also do tiaras and I'd like to recreate Catherine's whole tiara and veil look - what would you recommend? Thanks!

  5. Hi Nicole

    This is so so beautiful. Please can you email the same picture and please could you give me an idea of price?

    Thank you

  6. Hi Nicole! My dream is to have a veil just like this for my wedding next June! Could you please send me the picture of how it attaches as well? Thank you! And also, please, let me know about how much this would cost.


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  8. Hi nicole
    I would also like to see how this Kate Middleton veil attaches
    My daughter wants one very much
    Can you send instruction to me p,ease as I am having difficulty thinking how this looks so lovely with no gathers.
    Please send to
    I also need a price for

  9. Hi Nicole,

    I adore this veil and so nice to find one that isn't on a comb. Could you please email me details including the price so I can potentially budget for it. Many thanks. My email address is

  10. Hi,
    I am interested in this veil as well, could you email how you wear it, pin it on, and how to fold it over (for my groom). Also what shape it is, Round, oval? and what are the dimensions? my email is aperelfashion at gmail. Thanks!

  11. hello i am interested in this veil. how much cost it?

  12. can you please email me? or thank you!