Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fabulous Product: Daisy Shaped Chocolate Covered Oreo Mold

I'll get back to the butterfly party and tutorials tomorrow, but I just saw these and had to share!

I'm a huge fan of edible favors in general, and I just love this new product from Fancy Flours.  A mold for making daisy-shaped chocolate covered Oreos!

Delicious!  Beautiful!  Easy!  Wouldn't these be a magnificent, easy, inexpensive DIY favor for a wedding or really any party?  A gorgeous addition to any dessert table?  These are so adorable they completely justify the ridiculous number of exclamation points I've used in this post.  I really wish I'd had them for the butterfly party--though I would have had to figure out how to keep them from melting in our heat.

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