Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 Great Photographers + 1 Wedding = A Gorgeous Case Study

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a different photographer covered a wedding?  What difference does a particular photographer's vision, style, equipment, and post processing really make?  Most of the time, we'd never know.  We could try to imagine, but those qualities are ephemeral, hard to grasp, especially for a bride and groom who are perhaps working with a professional photographer for the first time.

I want to show you something.  What if two exceptional, world-class photographers covered the same wedding?  What if they used different equipment, different methods?  What if we could see the same subject through the eyes (and lenses) of two different, but equally amazing artists?

It doesn't happen often.  But it happened this past spring, and I'm lucky enough to get to show you.

On a glorious spring day in Sonoma Valley, Jennifer and Eric got married.  And I believe that they may have been the luckiest couple on the planet, because two of my very favorite wedding photographers photographed their wedding.  Sam Hassas was hired by the couple, and his friend and fellow wedding photographer, Evan Baines, flew in from Tennessee to shoot alongside Sam.

Sam shot digital, full of saturated color and movement.  Very Sam Hassas.

Evan took the opportunity to shoot entirely in black and white film (yes, film!), adopting a very photo-journalistic style.  Evan is a master at capturing moments and emotions, and this set is very, very Evan Baines.

I've written enough.  Check out these pictures!

The astoundingly beautiful, incredibly lucky Jennifer and Eric, as captured by Sam Hassas:

You know I'm a sucker for those floating veil shots.

You have to go check out the full set on Sam's blog!  

Now on to the coverage from the equally exceptional Evan Baines:

Check out the full set on Evan's blog--you'll be glad you did!

There you are.  Two amazing photographers.  Two different mediums.  Two different styles.  The same story, told so beautifully, two different ways.

Many, many thanks to Sam and Evan for graciously allowing me to feature this wedding and their photography.


  1. Nikki,
    What a great example of the difference that a photographer's style makes to the mood of the photography. Thanks for posting. You are right, they are both very talented.

  2. Love it! I like color personally. Was that your veil?