Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fabulous Product: Chic Invitations Printed the Old Fashioned Way

One look at my brief bio and it's pretty clear that I'm a big geek.  I love archaic and obscure knowledge.  I love learning for learning's sake.  I love dead languages and ancient technologies.   (I built a wood fired oven in my backyard!  By myself!  While I was pregnant!  I can get seriously obsessed with these projects.)

I think the women who run Starshaped Press might get me.  They create the most amazing wedding invitations and other printed paper products I've seen in a very long time.

It's not just that the designers at Starshaped Press are remarkable artists.  It's that they use a real, classic press.  Not just any new-computerized-digitized-make-a-single-plate press (ok, those are kind of cool, too, but not as cool as this).  An honest to goodness, set each letter by hand, use antique metal and wood type, set in a typecase, PRESS.

Just a bit of the marvelous machinery at Starshaped Press.
 That kind of dedication to the art, that kind of passion for the craft, is a sure sign of quality.  And just look at a few of their gorgeous designs.

Swoon.  Now please excuse me, I'm feeling a need to go re-read The Mysterious Stranger now.  

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