Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Reason to Wear a Veil: The Flying Veil Shot

Despite the fact that I was a veil and tiara designer when I got engaged, I originally didn't want a veil.  It just didn't fit with my mental image of Me As Bride.

Then I found THE dress.

And I tried on a veil.

And I was hooked.

There's something that feels so incredibly special, so incredibly bridal about wearing a veil.   You might have other opportunities to wear marvelous dresses, fancy jewelery, hair accessories, heart-stoppingly-amazing shoes.  But a veil?  That's really a wedding-only deal.

And by far, once of the things I love most about veils is the opportunity to get those fabulous photographs of veils caught in the wind.  The fabric--whether it's bridal illusion or the finest silk tulle--is so light and ethereal.  It might be a gust of wind or a bit of the craft of a skilled photographer,  but a veil caught in the wind can elevate a moment into dramatic capture of the fleeting, effervescent joy that is a wedding.

Here are just a few examples of what I mean.

From the brilliant Ed Pingol, a true master of light and these types veil shots:

Ok, so this last one from Ed isn't actually a veil, but it's an amazing shot, and it demonstrates the same principle!

From the amazing Craig Carpenter of Luster Studios, check out these photographs from Abby and Sean's wedding.  Aren't the moments just stylish, crisp captures of absolute joy?

Or these dramatic, artistic shots from photographer Rene Gaviola:

Short or long, silk or nylon, it doesn't matter.  I never get tired of seeing the unique drama that a veil can add to a wedding.

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