Friday, September 10, 2010

Does My Veil Need an Edging?

Simple answer:  No!

1/8 inch ribbon edging

Ok, Let me explain.  Tulle (whether it's bridal illusion, silk tulle, or English netting) is an interlock fabric, not a woven fabric.  What that means (at least the meaning that's important for a bride to know) is that it doesn't fray.  No edging is necessary to protect the integrity of the fabric.

Really.  I promise.  I've seen vintage silk veils from the 1920s that still look as perfect as the day they were made.  My mother's cut edge silk tulle veil (made and worn nearly 40 years ago) is still in gorgeous condition.  Sample veils that we've made and used for years, and have been tried on by hundreds of brides. still have a perfect cut edge.

I personally love the simple look of a cut edge veil.  It's clean, light, modern and classic at the same time.  A cut edge never goes out of style.  I think that a cut edge looks especially spectacular on silk tulle wedding veils, with that incredibly flowing, soft drape.

Don't get me wrong--cut edge might be my favorite, but I also love the way edgings look.  It all depends on the dress, the personality of the bride, the overall look of the wedding.  An edged veil can look absolutely exquisite and perfect.

Bottom line, if you love the look of an edged veil, go for it!  Just don't think that you have to.

Pencil edged veil.
Veil with 1/8 ribbon edging.
Lace edged veil.

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