Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fabulous Products: From Flower Girl to Bridesmaid, Felt Headbands are Fab

I've been loving and making felt flower headbands for a little over a year now.  I first found saw them on Etsy, and was immediately charmed.  So sweet!  So colorful!  And I could add Swarovski sparkle (there's very little to which I won't add a little Swarovski crystal)!  My six year old daughter loves them, too, and happily wears anything I make for her.  Here's a selection of her collection at this point:

Now, I make them myself, because I love making things.  If I can do it myself, I typically want to.  I don't sell them, however.  Why?  Because the sellers at Etsy sell them for way less than I would ever think about selling them for!  Seriously, the amount of time I put into each one makes the prices from Etsy sellers incredibly enticing.

I think felt headbands are a marvelous choice for a wedding accessory.  They can be so incredibly sweet for a flower girl, and the color choices are essentially limitless.  Check out these adorable headbands from Leslie at Bloomz Bows.  Only $14.75!

Or imagine this more streamlined, sophisticated option from Loopty Loo Designs for your bridesmaids for only $13 each:

Now that's something they could wear again.

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