Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trends: Small Plates at Home

The small plates concept has been popular in the restaurant industry for several years now.  Tapas from Spain was the original inspiration, but the flavors have now gone global.  I love the trend.  I love sharing with friends and getting to sample many dishes.

Happily, this trend is coming to the home.  Can you imagine a better way to serve delicious nibbles at a wedding shower than with the miniature servingware now available?  Mini mojito and martini glasses!  Tiny spoonfulls!  Itty bitty bowls and skewer-holders!  Check out these options now available from Pier One:

Or how about these miniature trifle dishes from Crate and Barrel?

I love trifles as a general principle.  So pretty, so fresh, so easy!  There is one thing I don't love about them, however.  They look great in the big trifle bowl, but the second you serve up the dessert, your guests are given a smushy, unattractive mess.  Delicious, but not pretty.  When each guest gets their own adorable tiny trifle, problem solved!

Someone get engaged or pregnant so I can throw a shower, already!

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