Monday, September 27, 2010

Real Wedding: Christina and Paul (An Amazing Rainy Wedding)

You've been planning your wedding for more than a year.  You've thought through every detail a hundred times. The beautiful park setting.  The dresses.  The shoes (ok, so maybe you've thought of the shoes a thousand times).  And when the day comes, it's raining.  This was not your vision.

It's going to happen to some percentage of brides.  It just is.  Rain will fall.

Luckily, a rainy wedding can be just as special, spectacular, and beautiful as a sunny one, especially if you have a gifted photographer like Tacoma, Washington based Sergio Mottola.

Check out these pictures from Christina and Paul's amazing, glorious, absolutely beautiful and decidedly wet outdoor wedding.

Since I built a wood-fired oven in my backyard, I think it's going to be a rule of this blog that if a wedding features a WFO, I'm going to feature it.  Delicious, beautiful food is always worth showing.  ;-)

Check out the full wedding post on Sergio's Blog.  Many more gorgeous pictures there, from this wedding and many others.  You'll be glad you did!

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