Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Veil

The dress has been altered.  The accessories ordered and arrived.  Every detail is in place and it's the last few days leading up to your wedding.

Then you take the veil out of the bag where it's been sitting for the last several months.

And it's wrinkled.  Really wrinkled.

Never fear!  There are a number of easy ways to get the wrinkles out of that veil so you'll look perfect on your wedding day.

The first thing you can do is prevent the wrinkles.  When you get your veil, remove it from the bag and hang it in the closet.  The comb can easily be attached to a hanger (with safety pins, clothes pins, even paper clips) and the veil will be safely and perfectly stored until the big day.  Any wrinkles that did occur during shipping should easily hang themselves out by the time you need to wear the veil.

If there are a couple stubborn wrinkles, or you left the veil in the bag for a few months, try these steps to get the wrinkles out of the veil.

1)  Steam the veil.  If you have a steamer, great!  That's the fastest way to get the wrinkles out of a veil safely.  Don't own a steamer?  No problem.  Hang the veil in the bathroom and take the hottest, longest shower you can stand.  The smaller the bathroom the better.  Usually, even that amount of steam will smooth out any creases.

2)  Iron.  On LOW.  Really, really low.  Silk and English netting veils can take higher heat, since they're natural fabrics, but bridal illusion is a man made fabric, and will melt if it gets too hot.  It's better to spend more time going over a spot a few times than risk melting your veil right before your wedding.

3)  Tumble dry.  This is a last resort option, and is risky.  Toss the veil by itself in the dryer, on the very very lowest setting the machine is capable of.  Check the veil every thirty seconds or so.  Again, don't even try this unless there is no other option.

There.  You look gorgeous and wrinkle-free.  I told you not to worry.

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